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User Training for Busy Programmers

by William Rice

This book is concise and pithy, focusing on action rather than theory. While many books explore the subject of adult learning, User Training for Busy Programmers shows the reader how to apply a prove ...

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USIM's Handbook On Academic Writing

by Penerbit USIM

Academic writing is one of the most important activities for academicians as well as students of institutions of higher learning. In order to initiate standard and orderly academic writings, a particu ...

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Ustaz, Apa Hukumnya Ibadah

by Dr. Farid Ravi Abdullah

Agama adalah kefahaman, setiap orang Islam wajib mengetahui apa yang boleh dan apa yang tidak boleh dalam agama. Maksudnya dalam Islam ada halal ada haram, ada sunat dan harus, dan ada makruh. Untuk m ...

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Whistle in the Dark

by Emma Healey

Emma Healey follows the success of her #1 internationally bestselling debut novel Elizabeth Is Missing, winner of the Costa First Novel Award, with this beautiful, thought-provoking, and p ...

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Wild Awake

by Hilary T. Smith

In Wild Awake, Hilary T. Smith's exhilarating and heart-wrenching YA debut novel, seventeen-year-old Kiri Byrd has big plans for her summer without her parents. She intends to devote herse ...

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Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location Aware Applications

by Zeeshan Chawdhary

This is a practical, hands-on tutorial based on real-world applications, using real-world 3rd Party APIs, teaching the essential tricks to get started in building location aware apps for Windows Phone ...

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WordPress Mobile Applications with PhoneGap

by Yuxian Eugene Liang

This is a practical step-by-step tutorial. If you are a developer with basic knowledge of Wordpress, HTML/CSS/JavaScript seeking to understand how to further your knowledge in creating cross-platform ...

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of 14 pages