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User Training for Busy Programmers

by William Rice

Publisher - Packt Publishing

Category - Engineering & IT

This book is concise and pithy, focusing on action rather than theory. While many books explore the subject of adult learning, User Training for Busy Programmers shows the reader how to apply a proven method in a systematic way enabling busy programmers to produce excellent results without adding too much to their workload. Williams approach is to start in the middle and work your way outward. He based this approach on an article he wrote about how to develop user documentation. I wrote this when I realized that my method for creating user documentation and training under tight deadlines was nothing like what I learned in school. I really expected heavy criticism from other writers and trainers when I published this article, but apparently my heresy was well-received. Its one of the most-linked-to and highest-rated articles on my website. By the time I saw the need for a book that enables non-trainers to develop software training courses, I had thoroughly developed the middle-out approach. Do you need to write a successful software training course? Are you unsure of how to start? Would you like a step-by-step project plan to guide you in the development of your software class? This book gets right to the point with clear, concise directions for developing an end-user software course.

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