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Urban Structure and Sustainable Urban Transport

by Mehdi Moeinaddini, Zohreh Asadi - Shekari, Zahid Sultan, Muhammad Zaly Shah & Amran Hamzah

Publisher - Penerbit UTM Press

Category - Business & Management

Considering high accessibility without negative externalities in urban development makes researchers think about the relationships between urban structure and car usage. Although previous studies in this area have tried to produce reliable results by including socio-economic variables, considerable drawbacks such as failure to consider various cities in different countries and limited studies about some important factors make the results insufficient. Therefore, this research book presents a research framework to avoid previous efforts drawbacks and fill in the existing gap. This research book has four main sections; the first section is literature review to identify urban mobility indicators and related suitable methods of analysis; the second section is about existing urban structure data sources followed by analysis and conclusion.

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