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The Teaching of Short Stories

by Normazla Ahmad Mahir & Hazleena Baharun

Publisher - Penerbit USIM

Category - Language & Dictionary

This book introduces readers to the literary appreciation of prose as well as the pedagogical aspects of teaching short stories at the secondary level. Social issues depicting real-life contexts in the short stories will be analysed in breadth and depth as a means to reinforce readers’ awareness of societal concerns. In addition, it will hone their critical appreciation skills. This book also enhances their teaching skills as professional teachers and language practitioners. This book aims to equip readers with theories and skills of prose appreciation, specifically the short stories. Readers will be introduced to six specific texts written in English by Chua Kok Yee & Minfong Ho (used as required texts for KSSM KI). The sreaders will be trained to engage in critical analysis of texts and to use effective pedagogical techniques in their teaching of short stories.

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